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Mercury Claims 9th Murder: Jia Min's Grandfather

Jia Min's maternal grandfather was in the hospital for approximately two weeks. He was discharged and returned home on 8 April 2023 (Saturday), in the afternoon. Two days ago from the time of this posting, on 10 April 2023 (Monday), he was discovered dead at 5pm at Jia Min's residential home.

Last night, on 11 April 2023 (Tuesday), Mercury texted Carissa and Joyce using two separate Telegram accounts: She texted Carissa while impersonating Sanjith, and texted Joyce while impersonating someone known as 'Chew Sui Gek Magdalene'.

In a text message to Joyce, Mercury stated: "Would you pass [Jia Min] my condolences? As Harvey would likely say, call it a shot across the bow, a warning before worse consequences follow for belligerence. Next shot will be [Jia Min's paternal grandfather's name]."

Mercury also stated: "I personally didn't do anything, and I didn't even know who's the exact target before the fact. All I did was to instruct that it should be someone close to [Jia Min], if not then [Jia Min] herself."

Mercury further stated: "Sweet 9th kill. Wonder who's gonna be 10th?"

In a text message to Carissa, Mercury stated: "Happened same way as Harvey's grandmother, except with iomethane instead of hydroxyzine."

Mercury then stated: "let [Jia Min's] family burn [Jia Min's maternal grandfather's body] first. I'll give oyu all the by-then useless details on Friday or Saturday. Heather's risk assessment is that this much is safe to say, because there is no way that [Jia Min]'s family is going to agree to any autopsy."

Mercury stated: "Y'all probably thought that Mercury had lost their strike capability because [redacted] betrayed them, but y'all forgot that Heather's way more confident and no less capable in terms of doing covert physical operations."

Mercury elaborated: "Assessment is that as [Jia Min's maternal grandfather] should've expired by Sunday night, thirty-six hours later is foolproof time by which he'd have been sealed inside his coffin, and it'd probably be in the funeral home."

In response to Carissa's request for more details, Mercury stated: "I've said that I'll give oyu all the brilliant details when they're no longer useful to you. I think who is obviously already, Heather had carried out the assassination hit on Mr Ang [i.e. Jia Min's maternal grandfather]. The why is essentially as, in Harvey's words, a warning shot across Jia Min's bow, so she gets the messages to stop harassing Mercury. The what is the untimely death of Mr Ang by iomethane poisoning, although to be honest, he was going to die in another few weeks or a couple more months anyway, so no great loss."

This is not the first time that Mercury has claimed to have murdered someone sickly and bedridden. She has previously made claims to the murder of Harvey's grandmother (who passed away on 8 September 2022; note that SGH had already independently suspected foul play due to the sudden decline of Harvey’s grandmother’s vitals, and had ordered a coroner’s case to be opened). In fact, note that Mercury has claimed eight murders before, including that of Dean Salleh, who passed away unexpectedly on 17 February 2022. Please see this post for more information.

About two hours later, at 1:05am on 12 April 2023 (Wednesday), i.e. earlier today, Mercury texted Carissa: "I can give you when, where and how only after the cremation is completed, because Heather will not carry out any covert operation in which she can potentially get pinned after for murder. Giving you the when, where and how now can enable you, if you expose it to the police now, to convince the police to go seize the corpse."

At 1:12am, Mercury further texted Carissa: "Because iodomethane does not as easily go unnoticed on autopsy and toxicology screen." Mercury then quickly deleted this message, but Carissa was able to get a screenshot in time.

Mercury further claimed: "Heather expects that both Harvey and [Jia Min] will try to impede anyone from trying to contact the cops to seize the corpse, so they are probably just laughing at the lot of you all." Carissa asked: "Who laughing at us?" Mercury replied: "Mercury and Heather, knowing that Harvey and [Jia Min] would themselves help Heather by blocking any contacting of cops to seize body. Please pass Harvey and [Jia Min] thanks from Heather for stopping any contacting of police before the corpse has been cremated." This is in the context of Jia Min just wanting her maternal grandfather to have had an easy passing and to rest in peace, out of respect for the dead.

Carissa asked: "So how did Heather come to know where the grandfather was?" Mercury stated: "She had a little help from the servants of God. Church Of Our Savior" (COOS). Mercury further claimed: "The good people at COOS have connections at the Sengkang General Hospital with their staff. COOS has connections to yet another church, which shall stay unnamed, which has a large enough network of informants that it would make your pretty little head spin." Note that COOS is one of the churches named in Carissa's recently released 25-page letter to the AGC. Please see page 10 of the letter for the relevant section; we have also included it in this post in Screenshot #4.

Screenshot #4 of page 10 of Carissa's 25-page letter to the AGC

To be clear: We are not making claims as to whether or not Mercury and/or Heather indeed murdered Jia Min's maternal grandfather, and/or whether or not specific churches are involved. We are simply presenting what has been claimed.

We also note that the 'Mohammad Nordin bin Abdul Samad' Instagram account has uploaded an Instagram Story, stating: "Ms [Jia Min], condolences upon your maternal grandfather's untimely passing. Consider it, in Harvey's words, a warning shot across your bow, which you brought on yourself for filing multiple SPF reports against Mercury since 29 June 2022, and then started PHC/10324/2022 to harass. You've had multiple chances to drop your nonsense, so your family and you can live in peace and safety, but you'd chose this. If PHC/10324/2022 and any of your other reports for Section 377BE continues after this, [Jia Min's paternal grandfather's name] would be dying next."